Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Savor the Favor

With me leaving for Israel today (insert loud screaming, dancing, and spinning) I obviously found myself thinking about all of the many things that could go wrong. I quickly had to remind myself that God's hand is over me and I have nothing to fear...which lead me to this train of thought...

How could I have forgotten that integral part of my faith? With everything God has sustained me through, how could I have forgotten that He is always faithful, true to His promises, and WILL continue to protect me because His love and favor are over my life?

As I asked these questions, God lead me to 2 Samuel chapter 23.
The first verse that really stood out to me was verse 5. It says :

“Is it not my family God has chosen? Yes, he has made an everlasting covenant with me. His agreement is arranged and guaranteed in every detail. He will ensure my safety and success” 

Yes! It is true! God is for you and His desire is toward you! When you entered into a relationship with Him, He made a covenant with you to direct your steps and never forsake you! A covenant that promised His hand will be over you and protect you, ensuring your safety and success...I know this part is a little elementary, but bare with me.

I then found it very interesting, the section of Samuel that follows the aforementioned scripture lists all the many mighty men in David's armies. It is no coincidence that the assurance of being God’s chosen and beloved is found just before a description of warriors. God is saying that we need not be afraid to go to war, because we are God’s favored, and we can trust in Him as we give our all. The following warriors did and they achieved honor for God and victory…so much so that their victories were recorded in the Bible. Do you want to make a difference that is noteworthy? Do you want to impact the Earth for Christ in such a way that people are forced to see the hand of Christ in your life and His mighty working through you? Than you must first come to the realization that HE IS FOR YOU! His desire is to see you grow closer to Him and prosper! It's easy to fight, giving your all, when you know that in the end, victory is yours!

Aren't we the same way? When we know that a situation is going to end in our favor, we are more confident in the steps that lie in between the beginning and the fruiting of that process. But when the ending is uncertain, we often question, doubt, flail, and try to do it on our own strength...which often ends in failure. The things is, with God, we are ALWAYS guaranteed victory! If we could just understand that we have favor with God, that He is for us and will never leave us, that He has ordained a favorable ending for every situation in our lives if we will obey Him, than we could be mighty spiritual warriors like the men mentioned in 2 Samuel 23 were! 

So why do we not walk in that favor? I could say that it's the enemy....that he plants lies in our minds, and causes us to focus on what we can physically see to cause us to doubt that favor...and while that's true, it really isn't the cause I want to share with you today.

It's us.

If it weren't, then when we are confronted with the truth, wouldn't we change our thinking and live in the favor God has given us? When confronted with the truth…when we know His desire is truly toward us…do we deny it and hide behind it, because if we know He “likes us” it’s nolonger as thrilling? Many like to flirt and not date because it’s flattering and the chase is fun, and it requires nothing in return, but God doesn’t want you to flirt with Him…He wants your full committed heart, so He let’s you know “MY desire IS towards YOU…” however, again just like a relationship where a guy or girl reveals their feelings to the other who merely wants to have “flirty fun”, the opposite will often lose interest…not because the person is any less appealing, but when feelings are revealed they then must be acted upon, which requires you to actually do something about them instead of just flighily flirt with them. When God reveals His love toward us, we have the choice, ignore it and pretend like it’s not there so that we can continue to not have to respond to it with action, or respond…enter the relationship…commit ourselves…and become HIS beloved…HIS bride.

Once you’re committed, you can no longer flirt with other lovers. We don’t want to accept God’s love and commit because we like the sin we’re flirting with too much. If we never accept God’s love, we never have to commit, and consequentially we can continue living life as we like it, lukewarm and undisturbed.

Until we choose to stop flirting with God, accept His love and favor toward us, and accept the responsibility of such a revelation we will never see the victory that the soldiers listed in 2 Samuel 23 did…because we do not have their authority….because while committing may require action on our part, it also unlocks a door and gives us access to all that is God’s. When we become one with Him, and commit ourselves to be His bride, all that is His becomes ours, and we can cast out demons! 

However, we will never cast out demons until we have welcomed in God! We will never give sight to the blind until we have given God our full lives! We will never see an outpouring of souls until we have allowed an outpouring of our hearts, having been purged from sin and filled with God. 

No longer allow yourself to make a poor and untruthful excuse, the “poor pitful me…God doesn’t care, I’m all alone, I can’t do it, because He won’t help me do it” kind of attitude and receive the truth…GOD IS FOR US! And if God is for us, who can be against us? If God is for us, we can sacrifice it all and know that He will work it together for our good if we love Him and are His chosen! (does the scripture not say we are?!?)

It is time to realize that you are loved, and that love demands a response. You can continue to flirt with God and sin at the same time if you like, but God will eventually move on to someone who is ready to commit, and then…you’ll just be left with sin.

Today, choose to savor the favor. Stop ignoring the clear love and favor God has over your life. Stop flirting with the sin that you've allowed in your life for too long, and commit to God. 


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