Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mary, Did You Know? Nope, She Has No Idea...(Post from 12/25)

"Mary did you know? Nope, she had no idea" 

Before I start: this is not completely my own; me and Aubrey were talking one night: and she actually initiated the conversation idea. So...... It kinda struck a chord in my spirit.... 
Ok, Luke 1:26-38: 
(Emma's Paraphrase) 

"Gabriel the angel shows up at Mary's doorstep and tells her that she should rejoice because she will give birth to Christ and she highly favored, she is confused because she is a virgin and cannot give birth without a man: Gabe then tells her that the holy spirit will overshadow her and place the seed in her: then they throw a Jesus party and rejoice" 

Ok.... Sounds awesome! Now, you have probably heard about how this is sometimes a spiritual type and cast of us: the holy spirit overshadows us and places seed that we must carry! (ok, let's not get too deep into this, no: God is not actually making us pregnant, and there is only one Jesus... Ever: now that we've got that settled) We've all heard this preached and it's true: God places seed into us that we have to carry and let mature and eventually birth into the world: something not of our own flesh, but something holy, something that could change the world: 

Alright back to Mary: when Gabe showed up, he told her the great news: that she would birth the Christ: but what he failed to mention was all the other things that came with carrying that seed; such as morning sickness, moodiness, weird cravings, getting sick, etc. All those unpleasant things that come with being pregnant; you guys know what I'm talking about. Yeah, Gabe didn't say anything about that. 

He also failed to mention the other things that went with it; the looks and stares that the other women gave Mary (since she was pregnant and her and Joseph hadn't been together yet) Imagine the gossip! Not too mention that Mary was carrying the savior of the world, don't you think it's possible that Satan would of wanted to stop that? I can only imagine what she endured. Maybe her family deserted her because they were ashamed to be with her, maybe her friends left her: who really knows what she went through: but the fact of the matter was that she went through it: she knew that what she would give birth to would change the world:

Maybe God has placed something in you? Whatever it may be, what if it was destined to change the world? You are going to go through things: spiritual morning sickness, spiritual mood swings :) who knows? Not to mention that some may abandon you, family, friends, etc. 

Your body will change and transform in order to become prepared to give birth to this thing. And, if you are carrying something, it'll be obvious (how obvious is a pregnant lady?) and, satan will try to come against and throw everything he has at you: to try and stop that birth! 

But, you must nuture that seed, bear it, carry it with you, provide it nutrients, let it mature: and when it is mature, you have to let it go: sometimes we give up our seed to early, and it doesnt mature into what it was supposed to. And, sometimes we hold on to it for too long: because we become accustomed to having it, and we are scared to let it go. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT ABORT IT! That is exactly what the devil wants! 

But, you can do this! Keep that seed full term, let it mature, protect it, provide for it: and when it's time; give birth to it!

Who knows? You may be carrying something that could change the world! 


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