Monday, December 13, 2010

Love's Great Mystery

This past weekend has been pretty earth shattering for me. I know we already plugged Narnia, but for real people, GO SEE IT! Many different themes and aspects of the plot through which the Lord spoke to me shook my earth (my flesh) and has reminded my spirit of many promises of God I had of them being love.

So naturally, like God does, He proceeds to reveal new lovey-dovey things through many different venues, one of them being this song. I was sitting at home last night after a pretty long night, when this song played. It's called Love's a Mystery by Laura Hackett, a singer associated with Forerunner Music and IHOP (the p is for prayer...not pancakes lol).

Before I continue, here are the lyrics for you to read:

You can’t make somebody love you
God won’t force a heart to move
He so values our decision
The human heart He won’t abuse
You can’t make somebody love you
God won’t force a heart to move
He so values our affection
The human heart He won’t abuse But still I say that...
Love has laid hold of me
And I can’t let go
Love has laid hold of me
And I can’t let go.

...You can see why I had a fit. It is truly amazing to me that God loves us so incredibly much that He sent His son to die for us, and yet He STILL allows us to make the decision of whether or not to love Him back. He loves us SO much that He will sacrifice having a stronger and deeper relationship with us from the start, just so we can learn the joy of seeking Him and pursuing Him for ourselves. He loves us so much that He respects us and does not interfere with our own choice. God, the RULER OF THE UNIVERSE, respects us when...let's face it...most of the time, we really don't deserve respect at all, let alone from God.

He would rather us enjoy the pursuit, as He enjoys pursuing us, so that we also might learn his heart.

And while He let's us do so, we discover all the many reasons why He is deserving of our love. The breath that He gave to us, the world He created for us, the blessings He bestows upon us, the joy He renews within us, the tears He wipes from us, the demons He casts out of us, the healing he pours into us, and greatest of all, THE BLOOD HE SHED FOR US!!!!

And that is why, like Ms.Hackett, we should not be able to let go of love. While God gives us the decision of following Him or not, for the true Christian, the answer should be an uninhibited YES! That answer should pour out from all of who we are...from our day to day conversation, to our everyday action. When someone starts trashing Christ and His church, when they blaspheme God with their lives and conversation, when they tell you that He isn't real, you should stand up for Him, because, I don't know about you, but for me, when I love someone truly and deeply...ain't NOBODY gonna talk bad about them to me and convince me not to love them!!! NO ONE can tell me they're not real! NO ONE can tell me they're not worth it! NO ONE can tell me that I've gone too far and need to let go because He laid His love over me, AND I CAN'T LET GO!

So it's my challenge to you today, as you start your week, don't let go of the love God has laid over you. Although He gives you the decision of whether or not to take part in it...TAKE PART! Open the door, because He's knocking, and if you choose to answer, He will be the friend you never knew existed...the mother that never cuddled you in her arms....the father that you never knew could love you. He's dying to be that for you. He's dying to meet your need and fill you with love. Just stand, refuse to let go, no matter what others tell you is or isn't true, and love Him with the radical, all consuming love that He has poured into you.

After all, He's never let go of how could we let go of Him?

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