Friday, December 10, 2010

Where's My Safety Rope?

So, I was a-walking down the road one day, and I saw this building being constructed. And, God gave me this metaphor…its not quite long, but here it is….

So, constructing a building is like building the kingdom of God:

To start off constructing a building, you must first have a plan, and a purpose. Then, you need to have an architect come in and design the place… then a group of people come together to build it. You have to clear the land where the building is set, get rid of all the obstacles and weeds on that plot of land, and you must have a firm, set ground, or the building will sink. You then need to build a foundation of the building, and start from the bottom. You can’t go for building the roof when you’re still at the base. Notice how the framework of the building is set in place first. Walls, furniture and other accessories come in after the initial frame is set. So, you start building. Some builders work with blowtorches, others with their tools, some read aloud blueprints: to help the construction move along. There are cafeteria workers who provide food for the builders, and “frame-builders” and wall-builders. Some builders, like the wall builders, don’t come in until later, for they need the frame to be set. Eventually, and gradually, this building will be constructed, bottom to top; and serve as housing, a place to hold meetings, and a place to get things done:

Alright- Constructing the Kingdom of God:

We have to start off with a plan and a purpose, God’s purpose. We have to be careful that we don’t try to construct the kingdom with our own purposes in mind. Then, God is the ultimate architect, for he must design the place himself, or it won’t work. Then, we are the builders. We come together as Christians under one purpose: to build the kingdom of God. The next step is to clear the land. We must get rid of any weeds or obstacles in our way, or they will prohibit the building process. Same goes with the steady land, we have to build it upon God, for he is the steadiest rock of them all. Then, the foundation sets in. Jesus is the foundation, the chief cornerstone for all… (Acts 4:11) After he has been set in place, we have to start at the bottom. I know it’s hard to not go for the big and glorious “top” but we have to build the study, strong “base”. If we don’t, the “top” will come crumbling down. And about the builders, there are all kinds of “builders” that work on the construction. There are people who work with fire/revival (blow torches), people who work with their tools, people who read aloud the blueprints (the bible), and people that provide for the builders (the cooks). And, not all of these people start off right away, you’ll have people join you as construction continues… 

And now to the main showing:

When I looked up at that building, the first thing that caught my eye, were the workers that were dangling off the ledge. They were just working along, doing their thing. I thought to myself, how can they not be terrified? They’re so high up in the air. Then I saw the safety lines. Theses safety lines are big thick “rope” that is tied around the builder’s waist, and attached to the building, which led me to….

At the beginning of construction of the kingdom of God, we don’t have a “safety line”. That’s because if we fall off the building, it’s only falling like 2 feet, and we can suffer little to no harm, and just get back up. But, when we start getting higher and higher, that’s when God attaches the safety line that connects to the kingdom. So, what if you stumbled, what if you fell, what if you “tripped” off the building? Would you fall 324 feet to your demise? No! You are attached to the kingdom, but… you are in a sticky situation. You are hanging in mid-air. Sometimes, it’s hard to get your footing, so that’s when you call for help and other builders pull you back up…

So, concluding…. 

Be strong, be confident, work hard on constructing the kingdom. Rest assured in the fact, that why’ll you may fall off, and be in an unpleasant situation, you won’t fall to your demise. You won’t fall so far that you can never get back up. And, you’ll learn where not to put your feet next time! 



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