Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stick Out Your Tounge and Go, "AHHHHHHH"

Well guys, I do believe I'll have to pull a "Dustin" on you; God's been speaking to me with LOTS of stuff, but stuff I'm not aloud to share yet..... darn. :)


You remember when you were a kid (or now) and you used to stick out your tounge and catch snowflakes on it? Well,

Receiving from God is like catching snowflakes on your tounge, each "snowflake" is unique and special. No two are the same. To catch these "snowflakes" you have to stick out your tounge. Which means you have to risk looking silly, or having your tounge get cold, but you won't catch snowflakes any other way! 

So, this week I encourage you to stick out your tounge and say, AHHHHHHHH!

(I love when God speaks to me through goofy things)


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