Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who Do You Surrender To?

Who do you surrender to, God or sin?

To start this devotional I'd like to ask, does anybody know how Jesus was sinless, and was perfect in every way? Well, being the great out of the box thinkers that we are, our typical response would be, well he's Jesus, he is the son of God... Well you see, I have a problem with that response, because even though He was Gods' Son, the dude was still being tempted by the exact same things me and you are today.

So how'd He do it? My answer to you is that it's because He fully surrendered to the Father. Jesus simply did what he saw the Father do, he only said the things he heard the Father say. He was fully surrendered to God!!!

I'm so sick of Christians coming up with excuses.... Well I'm gonna sin, and I'm not perfect, I'm not Jesus... You said Jesus was sinless and perfect... Yes I did, but he was also fully surrendered to the Father. My question is, are you? Yeah I know your not sinless and perfect... But when you fully surrender you will sin less, and be perfected... Did you catch that? 

Who do you surrender to? The Father, who, helps us sin less and perfects us, ot are you one you surrenders to your sin? It's pretty simple, God= life. Sin= death... Do you surrender to one who is alive forever more, or one who will be destroyed (is actually already destroyed)

You can either surrender to sin, and give in to temptation, or you can surrender to God and he'll get you out of it. 

Do you even know why YOU, of all things were created? It because God himself wanted a family!!! That's why, you hear us go around talking about how great Daddy is... because even in our weakest moment, he is strongest. Daddy is leterally saying, son, daughter... Just give it to me. I'm not mad at you. I just want you to seek my face, I want you to know how beatiful you are. Daughter, I gave you my eyes, they shine like the sun. Son I gave you my smile, and when you laugh, joy floods the atmosphere. Your always going to be my princess, don't let anybody tell you that your not. I love it when you crawl up in my lap son, we tell each other secrets. 

The Father delights in us. He made us in His image. He always makes a way out. All you have to do is give it to Him.

People, If your reading this, I just pray over you know as you read this. I pray that your heats are awaken, that religion becomes relationship. I pray that your hunger to get lost people saved deepens. That you would just give it all to God!!! Father I ask that as they read this, that you would begin to awaken spiritual senses! That your Love floods their lives right now God. Destroy any religion in their live Abba. Help them know relationship Abba!!! In the name of Jesus, so be it.

People, this Christmas, don't let presents take away from His prescence.

If you don't know Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOR and want to, let me know. I will pray with you. It doesn't matter what you've done, He will forgive you. Nothing can stop Him from loving you unconditionaly. Who knows, you might just get the best Christmas gift you'll ever get... (': 

Gods' seeking you, are you seeking Him?


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  1. Good word, Dustin! May others come to know Him through you...