Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everything Has a Time

Ecclesiastes 3:all of it...

We all know that there is a season for everything, a time for this and a time for that. But do you recognize what season your even in? 

There are many different seasons, but you have to know which one your even in. I suggest we take a look at the scriptures. Verse 11 states that " He has made everything appropriate in it's time." so no matter what season your in, there is a purpose and something to be learned from it. 

You can't run around in warring mode, when God is saying " no, you need to be at a time of peace." the reason being is because if you continue being in that warring state of mind, and not peace, then your going to wonder why your not feeling His prescence explode like it could, and then your going to start doubting why your not feeling him like you use to, your going to get frustrated, upset, on top of anxiety, and then your going to shut down... And more than likely your going to start blaming God for not showing up, when it's your own fault by being disobiedisnt in the first place!

I'm only speaking the truth... Take this for example... For some time I was having trouble hearing God... I remember when I would hear his voice crystal clear. And eventualty, it was as if He had disappeared. I was so desperate just to hear a word from God. It was driving me insane, and just like I said earlier, I stared doubting, anxiety was everywhere inside of me, I was frustrated with God, asking him " why won't you speak to me " ect... It was as if God was done talking to me forever, and it was killing me inside. Well friend, there was a reason for this season... Well, one random night, just as I crawled into bed, he spoke, and the only thing he said was this... " you seek my voice, when you should be seeking my face...... " man did I feel like and idiot... Lol. (crowd laughs)

But in all seriousness, you wanna know why He said that? It's because I was, and still am in a season of silence. Friend, let me tell you something. There are very, and I mean very intamint moments when Daddy wants to get so close to you, that he just has to whisper it... Don't get me wrong, Abba loves it when we speak to Him, but i think he loves it when your so quit, that before he even whispers that one thing to you, that all you hear is his heart beat... Heart = Love, get it?

My suggestion to you is to read all of Ecclesiastes 3. Find out what types of seasons there even are... But most importantly, let God show you what season your in. 

I know what season I'm in, do you?


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