Tuesday, January 18, 2011

David Had the Right Idea!

o I understand that this week everybody is away and doesnt have access to a computer: some are in Israel and some are in Chattanooga :) anyhow I will still write my devotion and expect you all to read it when you come back! 

Down on the floor with David :) 

I was watching the ramp for a short time on their friday night service when something dameon Thompson said stopped me in my tracks: it was a simple comment, nothing really exciting to get worked up over, but...SHABAM! 

" i believe this is a generation that is tired of being comfortable" 

Now, you know what hit me immediately as he said that? David 

David was a king, ruled over the land, appointed by god: A pretty legit guy. People watched him and followed his rule and reign. He was in all aspects a ruler, suposed to be calm and dignified and posses a royal air. Keep that in your minds: 

2 Samuel 6:17 
" They brought the Ark of the Lord and set it in it's place inside the special tent that David had prepared for it." 

In the beginning David built a special "tabernacle" until the big permanent could be found. 

Now we know that David would curl underneath the Ark of the Lord to try to get as close to God as he possibly could get: 

Now imagine what it was like underneath the ark: do you think it was clean and no dirt anywhere? With lots of plush pillows and blankets for David to lie on? And we can't forget the electric fan that was placed under there to keep the area a steady cool temperature? I think not! 

Imagine, David is this royal king, chosen to lead by God and here he is, crawling under the ark! 

The floor (if there was even a floor: it may have been dirt?) was a floor: not exactly comfortable! And laying, curled up, onto that floor for hours would have to get pretty uncomfortable: 

But, David didn't care about comfort, or appearances: he didn't care that he was lying on a floor underneath the ark: in fact he was so in love with God that he was willing to go anywhere, do anything to get into God's presence: 

So, I happen to agree with damon. This generation has gotten fed up with "comfortable". We've gotten tired of the plush thrones, and the lifestyle of ease. We are ready to get uncomfortable. Lying on the floor, crawling through the dirt, all of it gets us to God. We are a generation that is tired of sitting down with plush pillows and blankets, we are ready to get on the ground. Because we are so in love with our God, our Father, our Lover: we are willing to be uncomfortable if we can have him. 

So I challenge you to get on your knees these next weeks and crawl under that ark: get on the floor, get down in the dirt, do the uncomfortable! Be willing to anything that will bring you closer to his presence: 


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