Thursday, December 2, 2010

Want MORE?

Why is it that we are one way on the inside and another way on the outside? Or one way at school yet another at church? If we truly loved and lived for God, then wouldn’t what was in us pour out of us? We, as the body of Christ, must stop “faking it”. When we are hurting or sick, we must turn to God and let our brothers and sisters know so that they can pray; it is time to stop this “overly-bubbly-yet-dying-inside” act as well as the “I-have –the-worse-life-ever-have -pity-on-me” act. I say all this because God has laid on my heart being pure and truthful so when we are not ok, it’s ok to ask for help. We must be pure and honest in our actions so that God can use us and give us what He has for us.
Revelation 3:1-3
Worship: not just actions.
Worship is not just what people see and hear, or hear you talk about. The jumping, dancing, hand raising, screaming, and yes even the good deeds mean nothing in God’s eyes if they do not come from your heart and your motives are not pure. Living for God is not a show. It is not a routine. It’s loving Him more than you did yesterday and desiring more of Him, as well as acting in obedience and proclaiming His truth. It is not so we can be noticed, awarded, receive any glory, or approval from a pastor, friend, or stranger. It is not an act or movement; God sees through that. 

Many of us are walking around dead and/or dry and are completely unaware of it. The reason? We do not realize that there is MORE. There is more life, more gifts, more blessing, and there are always more situations that God wants to use you in. We settle for the smallest amount of blessing, of sacrifices, gifts, and power when God is telling us that if we follow what He has planned and ask for Him to do MORE in our lives, homes, communities, and schools, then He will give us MORE. WAKE UP! God is calling YOU to do MORE! 

I am encouraging you to be bold, be honest, and be holy. Set yourself apart from this world. Ask God to do more and to use you more. Study often, but not to impress other people. Pray without ceasing. Build your faith. And of course, proclaim that Jesus is alive! When we are not truly active in our walk then we are not active in furthering the kingdom, and our good intentions can easily become show. But when we are solely focused on Him and what He is doing, He will be seen through us.

“HOPE is a word of action- a word of power. It’s the spark for change, the fuel for endurance, and the warmth of success. Hope gives the struggling something to cling to and the determined something to build upon. Hope gives assurance, peace, and strength for tomorrow. It promises a fresh start and a better future.” –Vernon Brewer

Jesus is our hope. 


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